All Instructors are ACU licenced and are CRB checked and have first aid qualifications. Our Instructors are: Bryan Puckett, James Lamin, Rob Berry,  Dai Bedford, Joel Edward, Iwan Roberts,Leam Fenn and Jennifer Huntley


Funding is always an issue but with a combination on club donations, free venue space from members and Sport Wales community chest helping to purchase bikes and funding for instructors we are able to keep going.

Formed in the year 2000 by West Wales Trials Clubs and WMF Development officer Bryan Puckett. With a lot of help from a band of enthusiastic volunteers and the clubs within the West South Wales Centre, the project has gone from strength to strength with over 80 Trials students registered in 2013. The Aim of the project is to provide Trials instruction to youth riders from the age of 4 onwards. To build their confidence and abilities, be it from complete beginners to clubman level  all are welcome. 


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